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Very different results!

I performed a static analysis on a steel structure in Simscale and saw the results, but then I had to do it in Ansys because it was a task of my university and the teacher wanted it in that program. The problem is that the results that I obtained in ansys and simcale, under the same conditions of loads and supports, were very different as for the example the deformation and the stress.

I know I will not get similar results because both programs use different resolution methods but seriously these results are very different and I would like to know why. Thank you very much and greetings !

What element type/order did you use in Ansys?



That’s the mesh configuration I used. I didn’t set a hexahedric or tetrahedric shape of the elements and I didn’t configure to get 1 or 2 order elements. I know I can set the shape of the element but I’m not sure if I can set the order of the elements in Ansys AIM. Is it possible that Ansys AIM is using 2 order elements and that’s why I’m getting these results?

This is the link of my project in Simscale:

Hi @jaguilarh,

I can take a look at the link a little later today.

From what I see, the Ansys displacement is .8 meters and the Simscale displacement is .7 millimeters. If I am reading this correctly I would check the material properties to see if one might be off by a factor of 100.


Hi @cjquijano

I thought about that too but they are similar as you can see.

Hi @jaguilarh,

I have looked at your problem and so far I did not see anything that does not look right. I tried to download the CAD for this model so I can take some measurements but all I got was an empty file. Is there any chance you can upload the cad model and I will continue to look at it.

Also, I just want to check with you, do you know what the “correct” results are?


Hi , @cjquijano

I have uploaded again the cad in .step format. I hope you can review it and thank you very much for helping me.

Actually I didn’t get the right results, but I made the cad from some drawings and in these, the discharge hopper had platinum reinforcements in the surroundings (just below the support brackets). For this reason I think that the results of Ansys are more realistic, because if the deformation was so small there would be no need to add reinforcements.

I used the same support and load conditions I used at Simscale in Ansys