Very different Lift values for similar models

Hello everybody,

for a school competition, we simulated two model car designs, which are very similar. Somehow, the first Model (DE- has a much lower (even negative) lift value (pressure z) in comparison to the second model (DE-
I think I may have made a mistake in the simulation setup but can’t seem to figure it out.

First model: SimScale Login
Second model: SimScale Login

Any help is appreciated!

Hi Daniel, I’ll take a look at your case and get back to you later :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel, can you post a reply to this post with the comparison between the results you mentioned? From my end, I don’t see a big difference in the pressure, but maybe I’m looking at the wrong plot! :slight_smile:


Thank you for investigating!

I mainly noticed the difference in the force plots, which you can see in the images below.

Normally, the lift values for our models lay between 0.050 and 0.100

Hi Daniel, I noticed that there’s a wrong rotating axis for the wheels on the first model (x should be 1 and y should be 0, as per right-hand rule). The second model is showing the lift values you expected, right? However, still I think the value of the rotating axis should be x = 1, not x = -1. What do you think?

Maybe that can improve the results!

Thank you! You are correct on both of those things I assume.