Velocity results not visible, cannot see aircraft


Hello Jousefm

I created a new project: Simulation like swept wing 3 and also uploaded new geometry. However, even though the model solved there were no solution fields (no results).

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hey @gscarborough,
did you have a link to your projekt ?

Greetz Kai


I created a new project: Simulation like swept wing 3 and also uploaded new geometry in which I rotated CAD model 22 degrees. I also improved the FEA model by changing the velocity at inlet to only a minus x value of 90 m/s. By making the velocity horizontal I hope the results will be more reliable and the output plot will also be correct. The lift and drag forces will be in the same direction as the y-axis and z-axis. Although the job started it did not finish, There was a unkown error and therefore no results. Can you look at my “Simulattion like swept wing 3” project to find out what went wrong. Also, is the Results Control set up correctly so that I will get a correct plot of lift and drag forces on aircraft? Was rotating the CAD model the best strategy to get Lift to drag ratios?

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Hi Greer (@gscarborough) and sorry for the delay!

Is that the most recent project link: Swept Wing. Will have a look at the result control and your error then.





I uploaded a new model that was rotated (inlet velocity horizontal) and FEA mesh that was fine:

Project: Simulation like swept wing 3
simulation: X-33 Compressible
geometry: x-33_model_rotate
mesh: X-33 model rotate fine mesh
run: Run model rotated 22 deg fine mesh 2

Results: Run stop because of error at time value 250 short of end value of 1000 (27.5 %).

Also, upload new geometry also rotated, but with smoother wing surfaces:


Would like to mesh it similar to previous geometry and run it, as soon as possible. You may want test simulation by running latest geometry. Also, I would like to make sure there is a correct plot of lift and drag of vehicle. I have yet to get the force plot to work properly.



Hi @gscarborough!

What I noticed is that the geometry is not watertight and no inflated boundary layer has been activated. It might take a bit to identify the issue causing your simulation to fail especially in renitent cases like compressible flow simulations. Please give us some to identify the cause!

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