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Velocity plots

Does anyone know how i can get the velocity plots at certain distances up and downstream of and object i am modelling, have looked in the filters and been unable to find anything that will give me the information.

You will need to download ParaView (this beta version of the SimScale Post-Processor did not incorporated yet all of the functionalities of it) and the compressed results file (a button for this is available when you select an already finished simulation run). Install ParaView in your machine, uncompress the results in a folder there, open in ParaView the case file (it is called “case.foam” if you used one of the FOAM solvers), click in the “Apply” button that will be highlighted then, go to the last time frame (unlike SimScale Post-Processor, ParaView loads the first time frame first) and now look for the “Plot Over LIne” tool (its icon looks like a two-handed saw). ParaView has a help, but I did not have used it (the software is more intuitive than it looks).


@Luciano thanks for the reply. Downloaded ParaView and got all the results that i wanted, many thanks for you help. I am finding that ParaView is a lot better for the post processing, seems to be a bit more intuitive to use.

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