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Variable descriptions for downloaded simulation results?


I’m using the results of a SimScale simulation to create a data-driven visualization in Blender. I’m hitting a snag, though: some variables, like p, are obvious, but others are not. Where can I find the descriptions of p_rgh, rAU, and other variables? Thanks for whatever info you can give!


Hi @tsoares and sorry for the late response.

Quantities like p_rgh should be inside the 0 folder but I assume something has been changed in the new OF version. @1318980, do you know more about this?




Hi @tsoares,

Variables like P (pressure), U (velocity) and K (turbulent kinetic energy) are likely to be of interest, however, other quantities are less so, I usually don’t import them to keep the file lean. You can, of course, find more info if required as to their meaning on OpenFOAM documentation, where things like p_rgh are modified pressure, and others like alphat, nut and mut are turbulence or heat transfer variables required by the solver. But I would recommend just visualising the data you want to see and not worry about the data that is just needed to solve.



Ah! So I see that the variables are those used by OpenFoam. I’ll check there in the future. I just wanted to know which of the variables in my downloaded result files I need for my Blender visualizations. Thanks!