Using Paraview on a Mac

I’m in the middle of building an animation. How do I save it, shut down my computer and reload it later? Is it ‘Save Data’?

Hi @shinisomara!

I would say simply save your progress and reopen it later on. Just a question though: Are you speaking about Paraview offline (meaning that you have installed Paraview on your machine) or are you meaning the integrated Paraview post-processing tool on our platform? If so, you can saye the state in the post-processing so that you do not have to set up everything again.

Is that answering your question?



Ok, Save State. Thank you!
I’m using a downloaded version of Paraview!

Two questions:

  1. Where can I set (even lock) a global co-ordinate system. I want to set the origin as being in the centre of the object, so that I can set all my clips/slices etc to having that origin. How do I do this?

  2. Does anyone have a list of mousepad controls on a MacBook Air. I don’t have enough ports on this machine, to use a USB connected mouse. {I suppose I could purchase a bluetooth connected mouse, although I’m trying to keep my hardware light)…


Hi @shinisomara!

Tagging @1318980 in that one as I am not using Paraview that often and I am sure he knows how to handle the issue with the hardware. I would get a bluetooth mouse. I know that problem with the hardware having a Pro version… :slight_smile: And a mouse is not that costly or tremendously big to carry it. :wink:



Hi @shinisomara and @jousefm,

The 'select centre of rotation button is this one on the far right with the rotation arrow and cursor:

The mouse controls are in properties> mouse controls, this is good to see all mouse pad controls. I set the pan to be right click on the MacBook pro and zoom middle button. Find that more natural. I also don’t use a mouse, love the track pad.

Hope this helps,

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