Using an autodesk assembly

Hi everyone.

I am a first time user of simscale and I am trying to open up the interior so that I can water flow inside the radiator. first I tried doing it according to tutorial 2, and then I experienced a problem. The file imported is an autodesk assembly file and from what I read i the forum these files don’t have any spaces inside for the flow of water. so please help. please find the attached

Hi @sshange!

Could you also post your project link? Tagging our @power_users here to give you some guidance on this feature.



I have tagged @power_users, in the project. can you access it? and sorry about replying with my email.

Hey @sshange!

Is it a private project? If not simply post your link here in the thread.




It’s a private project, because I’ll be submitting it next week. but I have made it public, is it still advisable to share the link here?.


here is the link: