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Use of CSV tabulated data as velocity input

Hello… another question. Considering the use of tabulated time, Ux, Uy, Uz values as input data for a transient flow analysis: simplified model I can easily upload a CSV file into the boundary conditions velocity input, and run a simple transient analysis using the input data.

However, the “advanced” selection on the CSV data upload matrix that I assume allows interpolation/extraopolation and scaling of data to be altered (? just guessing), although clickable, does not activate. All examples I could find show a very different upload workflow including a “details” section of the boundary condition panel where the time dependent and independent variables are defined. Are these hold-overs from previous versions of SimScale? And, in the SimScale documentation, from the Boundary conditions description page, the link to information on tables doesn’t link to anything. I can see how variables are defined in the current table matrix, but not any additional modification (extrapolations etc).

If there is additional documentation somewhere that would be helpful!

Thanks in advance

Hi @dstokes!

This post from my colleague Darren might help you out: How can I define an Atmospheric Boundary Layer in SimScale

Here is a doc entry for CSV tables which partially helps to understand tables in different scenarios:

Regarding time steps, my colleague @rszoeke has posted some useful information here: How can time step and write options be made more intuitive?

The first link I provided should answer your question, please let me know if you have any doubts or other questions - happy to help you out!


As always, thank you Jousef for the rapid reply.

I had seen the post by Darren and that was very helpful – thank you. From the doc entry on tables, am I to understand then that in the current version of SimScale there is no Boundary Conditions ‘details’ subpanel that allows setting of interpolation etc? And that what is done is provide all information within the discrete increments in the CSV file?