Uploading problems

Hi everyone,

Lately I have problems uploading geometry files. I want to upload an iges file that I used before in other projects and it worked well. You can see an example here: SimScale

I have created a new project and I want to upload the same geometry, but now the uploading process crashes at 80% without any error message. I have tried with similar geometries without success.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
All the best,

Hi Isa,

can you send me the geometry to jmurad@simscale.com? Have you tried other formats as well?



Hi Jousef,

Thank you very much! I have sent you the geometry file. I did not try with other formats because I built the model with AutoCad Civil3D and I only can export to iges format. I could not find a way to export from .dwg or .iges to stl. If you know some software to do this, tell me and I will try.