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Uploading a mesh with SRF (Single Rotating Frame)

Hi everyone, I’m trying to setup a case with SRF on SimScale. The case involves a mixer and is taken from the OpenFoam-5.x Github repository.

After creating the mesh with blockMesh locally on my PC, I upload the folder on SimScale. But since the geometry has already been imported into the uploaded mesh, I can’t create a cellzone refinement for the SRF simulation, as I would normally do.

Here’s the project link. Any tip on how I can setup an SRF case on SimScale after I upload the mesh onto SimScale?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pmparitakis!

Are you interested in the centrifugal and Coriolis forces? If so then it is necessary to have SRFSimpleFoam (which is not implemented yet) but if none of that is of interest or you have no obstacle in your flow you can also solve your case with MRF which is definitely available on the platform! :slight_smile:

@PowerUsers_CFD, feel free to add your ideas here!

All the best!


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Hi @jousefm,

yes, I’m actually interested in centrifugal and coriolis forces. My guess is that, in case of MRF, the “” folder that will be uploaded onto SimScale will contain the MRFProperties file? What about the fvOptions file in the “system” folder?

Hi @pmparitakis,

As @jousefm suggested, you can solve your case with MRF approach here.

Yes, the file will need uploaded with the MRFProperties indicating the Stationary zone and the Rotating zone. In this case, you will need to modify the file or create your geometry in some CAD software and mesh it using SimScale (it’s whats that I would do).

The fvOptions file will specify the Rotating zone by cellZone named rotor (e.g in the properties).

  • selectionMode -> cellZone;

  • cellZone -> rotor;

It would look like this, but the point here is that SimScale is a GUI which can simplify all these steps for you if you mesh your geometry here.

Please, let me know if it helps you.



Hi @vgon_alves,

is creating a mesh with more than one block possible on SimScale? That’s why I have to create the mesh locally first and then upload it onto the platform, since I don’t know if this option is available on SimScale yet.

Thanks for your reply!

Hi @pmparitakis,
Firstly, sorry for the delay

Yes, you can create a mesh with more than one block using SimScale, for example, setting cartesian boxes or cylinders for each block with different refinements that you want to do. One example is showed below

Please, let me know if you have some problem to defining the regions that you want using SimScale! :wink:




Hi @vgon_alves,

my end goal is to create a rectangular mesh on SimScale with these modified boundary conditions which will be used for cornering simulation:

Modified Inlet Boundary Condition

Modified Outlet Boundary Condition

Modified Bounding Box

In order to achieve this type of simulation:


Here’s the link to my project which for now contains only the mesh that I’ve uploaded. Even though I tried the method you suggested, I couldn’t come up with a bounding box like the above one. Any tips on how it can be done with SimScale?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pmparitakis,

First of all I beg your pardon for the delay again!

Sorry, I forgot to say: But to do this one, you need to upload a geometry as I suggested before:

Doing this one you can create some mesh blocks.

However, you are trying to do something that SimScale until isn’t ready to: Different mesh block in a mesh that was uploaded (Not generated using SimScale). So it is a nice point to put in the table here to developers put this feature to users maybe in a future update!
Maybe @jousefm can move your post to the “Vote For Features” section to be able to give your request a vote.

Let me know if the points are clear to you now. Please give us more interesting points like that!



@vgon_alves, thanks for your input. The recent update that allows the base mesh to be assigned as a cell zone solved my issue.

@jousefm, you said here that the SRFSimpleFoam has not been implemented yet. Is this the case with MRFSimpleFoam as well?

I’m interested in Coriolis forces & centripetal acceleration terms in a simulation that I plan on solving with SimScale and I would like to know if it would be possible to include them in my case.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pmparitakis and sorry for the small delay!

To be 100 percent sure I will ask a colleague about the possibilities we have in your case and get back to you as soon as I know more!

All the best,


Hi again @pmparitakis!

For the MRF approach, we use the MRFSource in fvOptions. See for more info. This approach takes into account the forces you need.

Let us know if you have any further questions! All the best!


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