Uploaded geometries not being displayed

I’ve uploaded 15 parts (in 3 separate files) into this project.

But nothing shows up on screen?

If I exit the project and re-enter, the blue ‘busy’ line runs across the top of the screen for a while, but nothing is displayed when it stops.

Also, going by the why the text describing the parts is displayed on the left under “geometries” and right under “geometry”; the parts contained in the 3 files uploaded are considered separate from each other, and cannot be combined into a single simulation?

(The split of parts to files is performed automatically by my CAD software and there is no easy way I can see to combine their contents into a single file for upload.)

Hi there, could you also add a screenshot, please?

Best regards,

The problem has ‘gone away’. (Now don’t I feel foolish!)

Which is weird because I tried exiting to the dashboard and re-entering the project (several times). Closing the browser tab and starting over. Even re-starting the browser. All to no avail.

The second part of the problem – the being unable to use the parts from the 3 files in the same simulation – persists. Is there any way to combine the 3 geometries?

Try as I might, I cannot convice my cad to export them as a single file.