Uploaded CAD is separated

Project Name - Stirred Tank Reactor Simulation
A Stirred Tank Reactor with a turbine type agitator is to be simulated for CFD. The error is in the CAD Upload Process. The error is mention below

The format of CAD file in .Iges
The actual CAD model looks like mentioned in below image.

While the uploaded CAD in Simscale shows a separated design as shown below

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Can you please share with us the link to your project, and also the CAD file so we can investigate where the problem is?

I can see that you have one model looking good and the one with the problem. What is the difference in the modeling approach between those two?

the only diffrence in them in the type of agitators they have
first is a flat plate type agitator
and second is a turbine type agitator

but after importing the second CAD model simscale CAD separeted the turbine blade from the main tank

Hi again, and sorry for the late reply,

Can you please send me the CAD files directly? I will try to open them and see if they work for me.

CAD File Drive Link

Is this the same one that you uploaded to SimScale?

Yes it’s the same. but after uploading it to Simscale it gets seperated.

DWG format is not optimal for simulation. Can you please try to export in a solid exchange format such as STEP, IGES, Parasolid. Even an Inventor format should work.

I have converted it to IGES.
Here the CAD File

I imported your file into Onshape, and got the same results of the parts being split apart.

Please do the same (with Onshape or other CAD) and then you can align the parts, this should solve the issue.

Still the same

Hi again!

I think this is most likely and export error from AutoCAD.

If this is not possible to fix, then my suggestion is to build the model again, this time using a mechanical design CAD. I can recommend Onshape, which has a free plan that you can use right away.


Hi omzavare,
I’ve imported your model into Autodesk Fusion 360 and can’t join the parts, so I think one of the solutions as suggested @ggiraldof is to build the model again, joining relevant parts as you go.


Thank You

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