Update model without redoing all enclosure, topographies, boundary cond, etc?

New here, excited to learn the platform.

If I’m comparing multiple iterative changes to a model, is the workflow really to manually redo the entire setup, from entering the enclosure boundaries, topological sets, boundary conditions, mesh refinement areas each time? There is no mechanism to update or change the object geometry without starting from step zero?

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Hi Jim, this is Fillia :slight_smile:
This makes sense, as it can be a lot of manual work. I am afraid though that if the model changes, then the Enclosure and topological entities will have to be created from scratch.
You can avoid re-creating the refinements & boundary conditions by simply duplicating the simulation and switching the Geometry. Then the settings will remain on the simulation tree, you will just have to assign them to the respective faces of the new model.
Your feedback is completely understandable, feel free to write your feature request here: Under consideration - SimScale Product Portal | Product Roadmap

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