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Upcoming webinars | Tips for a better Structural Analysis and Using SimScale with Autodesk Fusion360


We’re hosting not one, but two webinars next week:

When is it Just a Pretty Picture? Tips for a Better Structural Analysis

Christopher Quijano (@cjquijano), one of our SimScale Consulting Partners, will go through the essentials of static and dynamic structural analysis for a better understanding of the different solvers, loads, constraints, contacts, and tips for getting the right results using the SimScale Platform. For each case, a comprehensive example case will be used to illustrate and explain the setup and working of the SimScale simulation platform for Structural, Frequency, and Harmonic analysis.

Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 pm CEST

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Using SimScale with Autodesk® Fusion 360

SimScale has collaborated with the Autodesk team to launch an add-in making it easier to import a geometry created with Fusion 360 directly into an existing project on SimScale, where it can be simulated.

Join this webinar to get a hands-on overview of how you can use both products together. We will use an example of a 3D skateboard designed with Fusion 360 to demonstrate how you can run an impact analysis of it on SimScale with the help of the add-in.

Fusion360 Add-in

Wednesday, August 31 at 5:00 pm CEST

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This is awesome!

I use fusion on a daily basis, really happy with this integration.
Good job SimScale!



Glad to hear this @STR!