Unwanted/weird External Aerodynamic Results

Hey all!

I’m pretty new to SimScale, so I might be missing some things here, but I really would like to learn as best I can. I am getting some pretty weird results while post-processing my results in SimScale. I am looking at velocity magnitude and pressure. It looks as if velocity and pressure are only distributed about the main element of the wing assembly here. There seems to be significant separation about half way up the main element (I would expect separation to begin to occur on the third element).

Velocity Magnitude results in mid cross section:

Pressure Results in mid cross section:

This could very well be my design I have gone with, and could need some major tuning, however I was just curious if some would be able to check out my simulations and clarify my settings and meshing looks solid to run this external study.

The simulation of concern is that of Incompressible 41, which just contains one run of results. I would really appreciate any help I can get about any simulation settings or tuning to better establish a more real life physics-based analysis!

My project is located here:

I would really appreciate any help I can get!

Hi @dcoats ,

Thanks for the details - At a first glance it looks like a mix of some problems:

  • The flow domain is rather small, which is causing the high-pressure regions to propagate upstream. Using a larger domain would help in this sense.
  • The mesh quality is also poor, especially at the trailing edge of the top wing.
  • Finally, using potential flow initialization helps quite a bit for this kind of analysis (fig 25 of this tutorial).

All in all, I’d recommend that you have a look at some of the tutorials in case you haven’t already. Some of them are similar to what you are studying.


Thanks RicardoParis! I really appreciate the fast response here. I’m going to make some adjustments and hope for the best!