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Unreasonable result for a full car simulation

Hello everyone, i am trying to do a full car simulation.
However, the simulation result tends to divergent but not convergent which is not reasonable.
I am trying to figure out the problem, do you encounter the problem like below graph? thanks…!!

Hi @hkpolyracing1st,

Could you post the project link? It is difficult to tell just by looking at the convergence graph.



Hi guys!

@Get_Barried, I think he means the run with the name “2try Fullcar V1 rotating wheel” in this project:



Hi @hkpolyracing1st!

I think the problem might be the origin of your points for your wheels. The current coordinates are shifted (you can barely see the second one in the front - it’s next to the radiator)! Make sure you fix this issue and adapt the k & omega values if necessary.

Feel free to ask if anything is not clear!



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