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Unrealistic physical contact result

Hi all,
I am simulating a bolt pretension connection. I modeled only a portion of this connection applying the cyclic symmetry boundary condition. Althougth i used some differents aproxs for solve the physical contact between parts ( augmeted lagrange versus penalty method) i am finding the same issue in the contact results, with some glued nodes located on egdes belonging to faces where cyclic boundary condition was applied. Is there any issue with contact setup or is a problem with the cyclic symmetry b.c.?
Project: Blind flange simulation
Simulation: Static3
Simualtions runs: Run 1_k1e13 Run 2_k1e15 Run 3_AL

Some help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

I think you have some mistaken assignments. Check for example your Bonded 5:

Please review the assignments and try again, let me know how it goes.

Hi again !!
I modified the contact assignments (run4) but the issue still persists.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

The contacts actually improved.

Can you please try creating one Cyclic Symmetry for each different part?

Please let me know your results.