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Unknown Mesh Failure

One of the meshes for my current project is failing to generate the mesh, but according to the logs the mesh is complete. The mesh is titled “Lower Y+ More Near” and can be found in the first Incompressible Simulation.

I’ve checked the log but don’t see anything that stands out as to why the mesh is failing. Anybody have a thought on this one? @cfd_squad

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That project setup is a work of art!!

You are now to be known as Brycasso :wink:

So I could not find any area to address except that I saw you were using 8 cores on a ~6M cell mesh.

This did not jive with my mesh experience and I use 16 cores for meshes in that number of cell range…

So I copied your project, made a single change from 8 to 16 cores and voila:

Very nice layering stats at an average of 14.5 layers per face or 96.6% of perfect:

Probably the only time I will ever give you a solution :wink:


Haha :rofl: I did the same thing(changed the number of cores to 32), but you were faster :joy::+1:

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:slight_smile: but I like my ‘core hours used’ better and even faster Realtime :wink: and I think I should get the solution to this , ha

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Yes you made a wiser decision by selecting 16 cores :disappointed:

Power Users are family not competitors :rofl::wink:


@anirudh2821998 and @DaleKramer thank you for check on this. I’ll give it a swing with 16 cores this morning. I had to give @DaleKramer the Solution though because he was here faster and he praised my case setup, haha. Regardless though, you guys are both awesome so you each got a little piece of my :heart:.

@jousefm we need to jot down that this was a very odd case for out of memory. The only error message I got was “Error in mesh.” with no other explanation. The entire mesh log completed so something happened in the post-processing I assume. Some indication to increase cores might be helpful.

@anirudh2821998 and @DaleKramer I was looking at my mesh sheet and Ani’s mesh came out with a different number of cells than our mesh. That seems odd to me.

DaleKramer 16 33 8.8 6,166,299
Ani 32 34 18.1 6,158,668
LWhitson2 16 30 8 6,166,299

The only difference is that he ran on 32 cores where we ran on 16. My assumption is he got less cells because he lost more layers? Did you change anything else And?


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I think @anirudh2821998 just tapped out, fights over. :laughing:

I appreciate the praise but I’m not happy with it. It’s too hard to make geometry swaps and keep my named entities. I also can’t organize the list of entities or the list of refinements like I want. We need to be able to reorder those lists as we choose.

LOL, I had the same logical belief as you Bryce, last fall, those discussions can likely be found somewhere here in SimScale.

My burned to memory conclusion was not to expect same mesh, even if re-mesh with EXACTLY the same parameters…

In fact I basically consider the Cells per mesh number to be a fingerprint of a mesh and the fact that you got same cells as me was very surprising.

EDIT: Ah yes, I found it and this was a very interesting topic:

Every re-mesh using Hex-dominant parametric algorithm gives a different number of cells

It is quite a rabbit hole as you will see…

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But it looks like you overcame these roadblocks as best we can…

@LWhitson2 you are talking about tap out but I didn’t even dare to come into the ring. Loki(metaphorically me) don’t stand a chance against Hulk(@DaleKramer ) :rofl::rofl::joy:

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You make me laugh so hard, they hear at other end of the house… :rofl:

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@anirudh2821998 did you realize that this is the exact same animation as they used many years later in Thor: Ragnorok during the Thor/Hulk fight in the coliseum?

Not exactly same but somewhat similar.