Units on Force Plot

I was wondering what the units of the force plot in the total force section of a simulation are. Are the kilos, pounds, grams, newtons? It is total force so I am assuming it is like KGF or Newtons or something similar.

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Can you please share your project link with us?

Related to this, in plots I don’t see the start/end of the z, y and z axis (it is alwasy good in graphs to defined the begin, step and end of an axis).
Also when looking at for instance ‘Inspected point’: I do not see the x, y, z values of the inspected point.
Furthermore would be great to be able to manually set the start and end of the coloring (now one has to try to find the right values in the legend by left/right moving of cursor).

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Here is the link

However I do not see why I need to post this link. I am just asking for units which I think is standard across all simulations

The units depend on whether the project was created with imperial or metric units. In either case, the unit is displayed on the label of the y-axis.


Thanks so just to make sure these are newtons?

I was not referring to ‘plots’ but to ‘Solution fields’