Unit system for thermal analysis

when creating a project I selected meter, kilogram, second, celsius as unit system.

In a thermal analysis including radiation kelvin should be better used instead of celsius. And it is done so in simscale. When visualizing the solution field of temperature the colored plot shows the temperature range in Kelvin. Luckely there is the option to change it to Celsius.

But what about Point date, Face calculation and Volume calculation? These buttons create diagrams with the temperature on the Y-axis. And it is indicated in Kelvin. Is there also a way to switch these diagram to Celsius?

thank you and regards

Hello Johannes! Changing the units in result control plots is not currently available, but I’ll push this one to product. Thank you for the suggestion!
What I’d do at the moment is to download the results in CSV format by using the button on upper right side of the control plot, and change the unit accordingly.
Hope this helps.