Unexpected results trying to simulate simple led board

I was just trying to learn if I could use simscale to simulate a small electronics board with convective cooling (no fans). My project is here: test3 by steimle | SimScale

I imported my model, setup my materials, air volume, and power source. But when I got the simulation results back the LED was relatively cool but the air 10mm above it was 1000C :slight_smile: So obviously I don’t know what I’m doing. I didn’t really get the right thing to use for boundary conditions so I tried wall.

Any advice on what to adjust here?

Hi @steimle,

Thanks for posting your question!
This project link doesn’t have any simulation setup, could you please update the link by any chance?


Hello @steimle , I’d like to confirm that the link you provided doesn’t include any simulations too.

Please feel free to open a new discussion by sharing your project with simulations, and we’d be happy to help out with your queries.

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SimScale Support Team