Unexpected high velocity

I am trying to simulate wind flow around a tall building. My problem might seem very easy to solve for someone. I am getting unexpected high wind velocity and also it seems like wind is not flowing straight from the velocity input surface. I have used enclosure function to have wind tunnel condition. Please see the attached images for more details

Can anyone suggest me what is the problem here?

Hi @jchowdhury!

Please always share your project with us, it does not have to be the velocity BC itself that causes that issue. Need to have a look at the other BCs as well (alternatively also numerical settings).




I had a look in your public projects to find the link (I’ll post it here if anyone else is interested SimScale)

I’ve seen this kind of issue happening with quite a lot of users recently. Usually enabling “potential foam initialization” under “simulation control” is enough to solve this problem. Can you give it a go and report here?


By the way, I believe the “roof” boundary condition should be slip.

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Thanks @jousefm, looks like someone else has already provided the link for me. But thanks for your suggestion, I will provide a link from now on if I face any problem :slight_smile:

Thansk a lot @Ricardopg. This simple step has solved the complete wind flow. I was facing this problem from day one. Below is some screenshots with the results after checking on Potential foam initialization

project link: SimScale

Again, thanks a lot :slight_smile: