Unexpected error in mesh

I was performing an incompressible simulation on a FSAE sidepod with radiator, when i got the following error on my simulation. “An unexpected error happened during mesh generation. Please contact our support for assistance.”

Thank you.

Hi there, I will report it to the team and get back to you as soon as I have news!

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Hi @tsite, any updates on this issue? would be really helpful…


Hi there!

According to the investigation, this error only happens with Snappy and it means that the mesh is geometrically different from the model. In this case, the regions around the fan are very coarse and the mesh has holes.

The solution here is that you refine the mesh in critical areas. Making a flow volume extraction and using the standard mesher is highly recommended.

If you want to learn more about the Standard mesher, check this page: Standard Mesher | Meshing for CAE | Documentation | SimScale

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