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Unexpected Error during mesh generation CFD Mesh


Hello all

Project Link

I am currently trying to get a mesh done on the base model for our teams FSAE car. The settings are exaclty the same as last year and i have already created an entire new solid body Mono as previously suggested (I was having MRF selection problems, however solved in this post

I am now getting this error.

I have already checked my mesh selections and found that i had not selected all the neccessary faces during the inflate boundary layer operation - fixed

I also checked the forum for any solutions - I dont want to immediatly post for help when i havent tried to fix the problem myself.

I have also tried other mesh settings with similar results so any imput would be helpful.




@jousefm @Get_Barried @1318980 any ideas?


Hey @dschroeder

I have a suspicion it might be due to lack of memory. The number of cells in your mesh is about 7M and, from the core hours counter, it appears to be a 8 cores machine.

Checking the mesh log, the mesh was created and the error occurred at the very end, when the mesh metrics were being determined.

I copied your project and am currently running it using more cores. I’ll let you know how it goes shortly.



Ok so I got the same error as you did. There was a warning message saying the mesh did not pass the quality test.

So for now, you should work on reducing the number of illegal faces by tweaking the settings.

It’s also a good idea to keep your geometry simple to some extent. Details like this one will make very little difference in terms of external aerodynamic analysis, but they will make meshing harder.

Edit: I also just noticed this area close to the pilot’s elbow. There are about 32 very small faces in each one of the arms:

Edit2: I made some extra changes and got a mesh. It still has some faces with errors though. You can use it to work on improvements if you want. Here’s the link


@Ricardopg Thanks Ric so much for helping!!

I definitely am using 16 cores but running out of memory is a problem i can understand as 7M cells is quite high for a half car simulation and without aero.

I was unaware of the high face count for the driver elbow.

For the suspension geometry, I original designed the whole system to move. The model itself can be moved so i can easily simulate different roll, pitch, and ride height settings. As of now just the pushrod for the suspension moves so i can merge this area to one part.

I will be developing this model much more so i will post what i find and help is always appreciated