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Undeformed part



I apologize if the topic has already been posted before.

With previous CAE packages, when conducting solid mechanics FEA I was used to plot the result field over a deformed (normally scaled up) representation of the part, while keeping a shaded version of the undeformed part too.

I recall having done it also when I started with Simscale with the old post-processor.

Now, with the new version, I haven’t managed to do it, though I’ve perused a number of tutorials, documentation and forum posts.

Any hint will be welcome.

Or maybe is time to learn Paraview


Hey @jvinas!

That’s correct and this has already been requested in another thread. I would suggest that you add this to our list of feature requests here - you can however adapt the scaling of the displacements. If that helps in your case let me know and I will show you how you can set that up.

Learning Paraview is definitely a good idea because the post-processing capabilities of SimScale are limited (at this point) and having it on your machine definitely does not hurt :slight_smile:




Hi Jousef,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Pity that this feature was removed in the new workbench version. It’s rather useful for mechanical analysis.
I do have Paraview installed but I find the GUI rather intimidating, so I have to find some time to learn it properly.

I only use Simscale for my personal learning and hobby projects (I’m building a 300 mm telescope) and I love getting back to my good engineering times. But I lack infomation on the documentation, as I believe the platform is more powerful than people believe, especially in terms of solvers.

By the way, would it be possible that I get an activation for the harmonic (or Dynamic) Analysis? I read in the forum that a new feature would be released on Q2/2019 but haven’t seen it yet. I think I’ll be able to cope with the old interface, if you could activate it for me. I want to move on with dynamic analysis.

Thanks once again for you cooperation


Thanks for your thoroughly thought out feedback and I cannot agree more!

We are continuously improving but want to make sure that the quality is at certain level to make sure users have the best experience on our platform. As for post-processing, I could think of a video series that helps users to understand the capabilities of SimScale better and have some kind of comparison when to use Paraview/Tecplot and why.

My colleague @rszoeke might help you out with this one.

You’re very welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact me (privately, here in the forum or via mail) if you have wishes or ideas for learning resources that we can provide for you, the entry to simulation should be as easy as possible without too many barriers.

Thank you again!