Unable to see anything after downloading the zip file

I was working on this ring magnet project for a long time and it shows nothing after I downloaded the zip file in Windows. I was trying to see the data at different points on Paraview. Whatever electrostatics model I try to download it shows nothing in the .zip file even though I am able to post-process my runs in SimScale. PFA the screenshot.

Link to my project: SimScale Login and this project is private.

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Fyi, you cannot share a private project as the other party won’t be able to view it. When downloading the results as zip file, which output format have you selected?. For Paraview, have you chosen the VTK format?

I downloaded the zip file from simscale (I wasn’t able to see an option for choosing format to download in simscale) and there was nothing in that zip file. I can add vtk or vtu file in paraview but there was no vtk or vtu file visible.

It would be great if anyone from Simscale team would be able to have a look at it.