Unable to import CAD file


I am unable to import files from SolidWorks.
it first says importing, then sewing then retesting, and then error in loading the file.
Error Code: 7f5480cf

Hi @gheramb,

If I try to download the geometry from your project and open the file, it’s returning me that “Windows cannot open the folder” - so there’s likely something weird with the original file that was uploaded.

Could you provide more details about the CAD preparation, format of the file, how it was saved, and how it was uploaded? Is this a part or an assembly?


I have the same issue. Any tips for solution?


Could you please provide the project link, so we can have a look? Also, the following would be appreciated:


It’s a cad model which is a battery pack model. It’s an assembly in the SolidWorks file. I have uploaded the file along with the zipped folder containing all the parts.

Try .step format.

Thank you.

sir any updates? could you help me out?

From what I can see, the zip’d assembly file is corrupt, and cannot be opened.

Have you tried following the suggestion from bjurij (to export the assembly as a step format instead)?