Turbulent flow past a circular cylinder

Hello everyone,

I have to simulate a turbulent flow past a circular cylinder. I choose the SST k-omega Model. To become Re=12*10^6, I ch

ose the density 120, the viscosity 0.001 and the velocity 100, than I choose the boundary conditions for Reference Values and Initialization.
As a Time Step Size I took 0.0004 s, 10000 Number of Time Steps and 20 Iterations
In the attachment you find my result after more then 8 hours.
I must get a Drag number arround 0.6 but I got 0.2 .
I hope if someone has some advices :slight_smile:

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Hi @mhasnaoui!

The picture you generated does not look like it was done on SimScale if I am not mistaken?!

In any case, here is a project that deals with your topic with a bit of documentation at the bottom of the page: https://www.simscale.com/projects/Ali_Arafat/les_flow_analysis_around_cylinder/ - let us know if that was useful. Also - as always - tagging the glorious @cfd_squad here to give you some additional impetus.



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Hey both,

That does look like an Ansys mesh.

Do share the project link so we can look at it. (@mhasnaoui).


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