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Turbulent flow of air in a room

I would like to see a visualization of the air turbulence in a room when a blower is in the room.
-The blower is Vertical cylinder200mm up from the floor, 200mm diameter and 1.2m high.
-Air flows from the bottom of the tube to the top at 300CFM
-I would like to see the difference in flow regime with the tube up against the wall as shown
-placing the tube in a corner
-Placing the tube in the center of the room

This will show any preference for maximum turbulence in the room, which is the objective of the simulation.
I have a model but I cant see any place to upload it from here

Hi Paul,

The best way to share a model is to upload it to a project and share the link (URL) of the project here in the thread:

That would help other users to provide better suggestions for your project.