'tubejoint' simulation project by rking


I created a new simulation project called 'tubejoint':

tubejoint in torque

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Hi @rking, really nice project!

It seems you are doing some kind of benchmark analysis? Are you getting the expected results?
If you want to apply a distributed force load, instead of a pressure, you can use the static analysis - advanced. As explained in this post the advanced analysis types have more boundary condition types available, and also some additional feature like Volume Calculation where you can directly create plots, for example for the maximum stress values, or computing reaction forces.

I copied your project and run some sample simulations with different mesh densities on the Static Analysis - advanced solver.

Here is a comporison of the the von Mises stress distribution:

Bottom: Coarse 2nd order mesh (6.3K nodes), Max von Mises stress: 65.1 MpPa
Middle: Mediom 2nd order mesh (100K nodes), Max von Mises stress: 67.1 MPa
Top: Manual refiend 2nd order mesh (90K nodes) Max von Mises stress: 71.9 MPa

All simulations took about 1min to solve. You can check out the project here.

Best regards,