'Truck Simulation' simulation project by ksmody20


I created a new simulation project called 'Truck Simulation':

Aerodynamic simulation of the flow over a truck

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Hey @ksmody20,

Nice geometry, also looks quite clean (no detailed features that are not important for the simulation). Curious to see the results. If you need support during the mesh or simulation setup, I am happy to assist!

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,

Thank you for your offer. I am just trying out a few simulations on the platform.
Hopefully, it gets done smoothly.
But, I will definitely get back to you if I need some help with the setup :slight_smile:



Hey @afischer,

So I got stuck, sooner than later. I am facing some issues with the meshing process.

Here is the error I keep getting:
[4] Cannot find triSurfaceMesh starting from “processor4/constant/triSurface/shell_0.stl”
[4] From function triSurfaceMesh::checkFile(const fileName&, const fileName&)
[4] in file searchableSurface/triSurfaceMesh.C at line 116.

I had given an IGES file as input.
Initially, I thought that my bounding box wasn’t defined correctly, but I am not sure where the error is pointing to now.

Would be great to have your help here!



Hey @ksmody20,

I’ll have a look! I will update you once I know what is going on!

Best Alex


Hey @ksmody20,

there seems to be an issue with your IGES file. I created a ticket for that. I uploaded it as a step file again and that works fine then. Your model is not closed though, that means during the meshing the meshing algorithm meshes also inside of the truck (see the unclosed meshes in my project copy here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/afischer/truck_simulation/ ).

I fixed that by running some cleaning operations on the model. Now it only consists of some solid parts (tires, chassis etc.). After that the meshing works fine (fixed geometry) in the project. Also boundary layers can be added easily. I just used the automatic meshing to create a very coarse mesh. You can/should adapt it to your needs.

Please tell me if you run into any more issues!

Best Alex


Thank you @afischer.

It seems like it is working fine with the clean up. I shall have a look at the original file too to see where it is open.

But thanks a lot. I shall get back to you if there is something else :slight_smile:



This project simulates the aerodynamics around a truck moving at 10m/s & 20m/s.
The cad project was obtained from grabcad.com and then it was cleaned up a little.
With the help of @afischer, further and necessary cleaning was achieved to correct any openness in the geometry.

A symmetry condition was applied to reduce the computational effort.
The simulation was setup for the k-omega-SST model where the values of k and omega were calculated using the standard approach based on the velocity and turbulent intensity.
The road was given a moving wall velocity equal to the expected speed of the truck.

The result includes a screenshot of the streamtracer around the Truck.

  1. 10m/s

Update 2) 20 m/s


Hey @ksmody20,

Love it, thanks for sharing the results!

Best Alex