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Trompe Project Questions

So for some time I have been interested in looking into developing a scalable model for a trompe. Here is an illustration of the design and overall concept:

I would like to specifically simulate the high pressures in the lower air passage so I can get an idea on how to size the chamber(s) in terms of wall thickness or play around with the head water height entering the sytem.

While the design geometry looks straight forward to create, I want to see if anyone had some recommendations on how I could go about setting up useful boundary conditions or any other meshing settings that might stand out.

Thanks for looking and cheers!!


sorry for the late reply! Regarding this application, I think the bubbles are the most challenging part. The rest sounds like a multiphase flow simulation. Any chance you could simplify the physics for the first simulation setup, e.g. leaving out the bubbles for starters?