Transient wake formation behind a boat and 6 DOF analysis

When I try to create a background mesh box, I assume from other simulations that the top boundary is where the design water line is. I am having trouble creating a background mesh box below the deck, instead it is creating it above the deck. It is creating the maximums above the deck and does not let me choose a negative value for the maximum (x, y, z). Is there a way to rotate the model in the geometry tab or change values of the origin of the inserted geometry?

I would like to do transient wake formation behind a boat and the 6 DOF. If you have any advice or direct tutorials for conquering these problems, it would be of much use.

The design is here: Link

Thank you in advance.

Hi @vpdanielle

While creating the bounding box, you must ensure that the maximum value is greater than the minimum ones. If you assign a negative value in the maximum section, you must ensure that it is greater than the value assigned in the corresponding minimum section. In this case give a -ve value in the minimum z-direction section so that your B.Box can cover the entire boat.

You can refer to this project- SimScale
A similar study has been done in this project. If you have any other doubt, I would be happy to clarify it.