Tire Rolling on Snow, How to input angular velocity?!

My Case is to investigate how a new tire rubber will behave on snow.
so I went with Dynamic simulation,

My input for the tire is angular velocity (RAD/S)
so can anyone please tell me how to input angular velocity?!
In boundary conditions there is rotating motion but it’s only in RAD!



You could use an input something like “2*pi *t rad” (Boundary condition: Rotating Motion) - depending on what you want to achieve, and then make sure that your time in the simulation settings fits on how much rotation you actually want to accomplish, so you have basically 2 knobs that you can turn here. And to go from RAD to the angle it is simply * 180/pi.

Let us know if you have any questions!


So you mean I input the angular displacement and adjust the time of the total simulation to be equal to this movement,

Maybe this simulation gives you a rough idea on what I have thought about: - let me know if you have any questions.