Tire on ground plane meshing error

I am having meshing issues. I am simulating an open wheel race car, and whenever I make my ground place cutting through my tires (to simulate the contact patch), it gives me a mesh error of “The mesh could not be generated. Increasing the mesh fineness or adding local refinements to geometrical details potentially fixes this issue. Please contact our support for further assistance.” However, keeping everything else equal but just moving the ground plane away from the tires, I get the mesh to generate properly. I have never had this issue before when using the hex mesher and trying to do something like this, so I am wondering why this is now an issue. Thanks
9:24 am

Hi, I’d suggest checking this older thread as a starting point: Velocity field is diverging at a point - #2 by Ricardopg


Hello Ricardo, I looked through that post and tried the most common solution of using the tire contact patch pads to simplify the intersection geometry, and that still seemed to not work. I still have the same error. The meshing log says, “Finished meshing without any errors
Finished meshing in = 166.35 s.
Finalising parallel run”
and then gives me the error I quoted in the first post. Why is it still giving me this error and why does the meshing log tell me that if finished without errors… then give me an error?

If it helps, I am also noticing another weird phenomena. When I meshed the model with the ground plane not touching the tires, I got a significantly higher amount of cells, about 2.5million without any refinements (just used as a test to see if I got an error or not). But, when I have the ground plane touching the tires, both with and without the tire patch pads I just tried, I am only getting about 700k cells without any refinements. All mesh settings are identical between the runs. Could this be contributing to the error?

Got it! I needed to set the mesh quality to fine rather than moderate in my hex mesher settings. This ran the mesh without error, so now time to add proper refinements to the rest of the car