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Thermal Analysis - Stop with an Error

I’m totally new to simscale and very new to numerical simulations.
I tried to simulate an heat problem but the run process take very long and then stops with error.

I read the log file but could not make any sense from it.
a) how can I debug problems in Simscale?
b) can I make a short run that does not convergent to the final result but still I can see the results, so I could try and understand whats my problem?
c) what have I done wrong in this simulation?


Hi @momo62!

Having a look at the project later on. Do you have some reference data we can compare the simulation with?



Yes I do have a version of this design that I measured, so I know what are the reasonable results.

I changed the Time dependency from steady-state to transient, and set a long time run with ~5min steps.
I do get very good results, with max temp setting at ~330K after about 5 time steps (and 2min CPU time)
So I don’t have a clue why the steady state did not came to a result, but I think that I don’t relay care now… I will keep using the transient simulation.


Glad that it worked out @momo62!

Could you validate your results and if so what are the errors?