There is no pressure there is no pressure and velocity change of a spoiler profile

I would like to anaylse a CAD of a spoiler profile, what I created. I would like to make a concept profil for different velocities and it is still producing downforce.

There is no change in pressure and velocity after running. But everything is green and meshed and it is running well. And I am not sure about my forces and moments coefficients.

Thanks for help.

Hello WeLen97,
thanks for reaching out to us in the forum.

can you please share the project with us so that we can have a look at your project?

Best regards

Sure. I have to figure out how.

Hope it is not private.

Hello WeLen97
I can see is that you have defined the velocity inlet vector incorrectly.

You have set the inlet direction in the X positive direction, whilst the flow direction is in the negative x-direction.
just switch the Ux component to -16.67m/s and you should be good.

You can always check the axis alignment of your body with the little cube in the bottom right corner.

(Side node in regards to mesh efficiency:
I would suggest to decrase the length of you refinement region and instead, maybe increase the refinement on the wing. With that you get better accuracy for the wing without the cost since usually the wake area doesn’t need to be that fine resolved. )

I hope this helps.
Best regards

Thank you. I will try it. Is the lift in the right direction or should it be in negative direction too?

My Forces are looking good.
Is this correct, that my Spoiler has a moving wall. The air flows around the spoiler without a moving wall? It is too far from the ground.

Hi WeLen97,

For the wing please use a wall boundary condition with the no-slip condition, as the win is stationary and the air moves around the wing.

You can also have a look at this tutorial on how to set up a simulation for a wing.