The Transform>Translate by distance function doesn't work

In the CAD edit mode of simscale the Transform>Translate by distance function isn’t working. I’ve tried bringing in objects and translating (moving) objects by distance and they don’t move. Translate ‘up-to-entity’ does work, but not by distance. Is anyone else having problems? Is there a bug?

Hi @jeffc,

Thanks for posting your question!
I have tried many times here and it is working well. Could you please share your project link and also specify the movement that you’re trying to do? (e.g.: rotate 180deg, etc).


Hi @goncalves I have shared the project to the forum email address; its the only way I could see to do it

Hi again @jeffc,

Please take a look at how it is working well by the video down below.

Please also let me know if it is still doesn’t work for you.


I have tried using the same method. But, it does not translate. The model simply does not move.