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The TOP ways SimScale could change to 1: Increase my productivity 2: Reduce Core Hour usage


As I sit here with 4 sims running while I watch whether the Results diverge (not the Residual divergence, but that too), I think of how much of my time and core hours that I am wasting today :sob:

So, I am creating this post, while my 4 running sim Results are not diverging :wink:

  1. Changes that would increase my productivity:

    • Give us project COMMENTING, which @StevenGu has already written in Feb of this year…

    • Make it so I can RE-ORDER my Sims and Sim Runs by dragging them up and down the Tree…

    • Give us a way to RECALL Simulation Parameters from previous Sim Runs…

    • Please RE-ENABLE the ability to horizontally re-size the ‘Parameter entry pane’ (EDIT, that was an add-on request)

    • SOOOO, give us this :pray:


  1. Save Cores Hours

    • Stop Simulations automatically, when RESULTS diverge, not just when RESIDUALS diverge.


OOPs, I see that a couple of my running sims are calling me back so that I can save some core hours by manually STOPPING them because the RESULTS have diverged at just a few % into the run. That will be a lot of cores saved :wink:


Thanks again for your impetus Dale, will forward (as always) :smiley: :wink: