The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded

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Hi, I’ve had a few issues with the maximum run-time exceeded in the simulation run. We also got normal results with the same mesh. However, when I modify the length of the flow domain, I keep getting errors. There was still a problem with increasing the maximum runtime.
I have a question about 08.01 LBM.
Thank you!

Hi @32210309,

Thanks for posting your question, and sorry for the delay.
When increasing the domain, it is natural that the simulation takes more runtime to compute the problem, and that’s the case here, after this time passes, the simulation automatically stops. In order to prevent that, you can always change the maximum runtime in the Simulation Control’s tab when you increase the domain of interest.

Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 10.48.39

Please let me know if it makes sense :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your reply.

Revised the maximum runtime to run a new simulation. However, there is not enough capacity. I have a problem called ‘The instance storage ran out of space. Please reduce the number of time steps that are stored by increasing the write interval for the transient results or reducing the size of the result export domain.’ Modifying what appears in the Learn more link does not solve the problem.

My ultimate goal is to perform the same simulation on the LBM and PWC to compare the differences in the results. In the process, I am trying to get the value by applying the same mesh setting range of PWC to LBM. However, the size of the domain seems to be large.

I have a question about 08.01 LBM. Run2
Thank you

Hi @32210309,

Sorry for the delay. I see that you do have 5000 core hours, and if the job takes more than this amount, no GPU instance with sufficient computational resources would be assigned. To avoid using a huge amount of computing quota for just one simulation, please try what the message says - reducing the number of time steps.