The meaning of CSV columns?

When I convert the solution field of a flow simulation to csv, the following columns are shown 'Points:0', 'Points:1', 'Points:2', 'U:0', 'U:1', 'U:2', 'k', 'nut', 'omega', 'p'. It is not clear to me what they mean. It is a bit strange I couldn’t find about it online.

My guess are

  • Points 0 1 2 are x y z coordination of the starting of the vector
  • U 0 1 2 is the vector starting from the point in the same row
  • k is the rate of dissipation from kinematic turbulence to heat
  • omega is the kinematic turbulence energy
  • p is pressure
    Are those guesses correct? What is nuts?

nut is kinematic turbulent viscosity (cfd-online)
you can find a lot of information here and on the openfoam forums.