The competitive GO KART

As a mechanical engineering project, we are tasked to design a competitive go kart according to the class Max DD2. Our brief include the concept development of a:

2) electrical and internal combustion engine (limited to 7kW and 10 N.m)
3) transmission system
4) brake system design which must include smart break management system (ABS/ anti-locking braking system etc.)

Any suggestions for material selection, advice or points to be considered will be welcomed.

Sounds interesting, I will try and reply this evening as I don’t have time right now

Hi @behome

Could you be clearer about what the outputs of the design projects are? Is this a full concept design where the output is a complete design ready for manufacturing and assembly? Or is this simply a concept brain storming exercise? I am assuming you are not actually going to design and build an internal combustion engine.

Since this is a forum for the Simscale simulation software, perhaps the most relevant thing to ask is how can the software be used to help you in your design. Examples are to optimize the aerodynamics of the car, to make sure the brakes do not overheat and to check the rigidity of key components. If you can ask me a more specific question, I will happy to give you general engineering advice, but currently I don’t even know where to start.

@jousefm I have noticed quite a few questions like this where the poster asks for general engineering advice rather than specific simulation advice. Have you considered opening a forum section for this type of question?