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The body resulting from the union of the model parts has faults

I am doing a project on cooling of Bitumen tanks having insulation but i think there is a problem in CAD model so i cant apply mesh.


Hi there, would it be possible to try and recreate the outer cylinder in your CAD software? The geometry for this is faulty. You can simply create the top face, extrude it all the way, and then use a Boolean operation to subtract the space where the other two cylinders are placed (you can do this in CAD mode).

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I will try in CAD mode. Iā€™m not sure I can do this as I have no experience with this.

can anyone help?
i am doing a project on heating and cooling of tanks.
i want to know the total time for cooling of a tank filled with 160 C bitumen. tank made of 5 mm steel sheets and 50 mm insulation on top with again 5mm steel sheets on top. it is left in air for cooling.