Testing Pallet design for load bearing capacity

Hello, I’m an Industrial Designer and I’ve designed a new structure for a wooden pallet that uses a combination of different materials. This is a part of my final year design project. Using tutorials I managed to set up the geometry and run a simulation, but I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly. I need to understand how much weight can this new design bear and at what point it is prone to break. I really appreciate your help in advance.

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Could you please share the URL of the project with us, so that we can have a look at it and provide the best support?

I’ve shared the project with you

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From my poing of view you need to tackle two aspects here:

  1. The failure criteria: please research for your type of materials what is a suitable failure criteria. For example, it might be an stress limit. The crucial point is that you can use the FEA simulation to obtain such quantity.
  2. Improve your FEA model: I think that in order to properly capture stresses, strains and deformations you need to use a finer mesh. To achieve this you can simply use the Fineness slider under Mesh.
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I shall run a simulation with suggested changes. Although I want to test if whether the pallet can withstand a weight of 10000kg, and if not at what limit it breaks. Which function should I make changes to understand the failure criteria? I don’t have a background in engineering so its tricky for me to understand sometimes.


A failure criteria is not applied as part of the simulation, but rather an assessment done on the results of the simulation. For example, by looking at the maximum stresses.

If you don’t have the knowledge in the topic of strenght of materials, I suggest you to investigate and at least try to learn the basics and find a proper failure criteria for your material, because otherwise it would be very difficult to explain all of it in this context.

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