'TEST1' simulation project by kieranjones393


I created a new simulation project called 'TEST1':

Test Car

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Hello @kieranjones393,

Nice geometry of a car :slight_smile: I see that the model consists a lot of shell elements. At the moment it is not possible to create a mesh on SimScale platform when the geometry contain shells. We are working on it now and should be available to work with shell geometries once this is fixed. Please try to convert your geometry such that it consists of only solids.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other queries.

Best regards,
Sam (@sjesu_rajendra )


Hi @sjesu_rajendra

I have created closed shell model but now came to know that here we don’t have possibility to solve problem using shell right now. So please let me know it have any way to create closed my shell model into solid block.


Hello @kieranjones393

No. right now i’m not able to see your model


Hi @sgowda,

This has to be done in the CAD tool. Some standard Repair operations like stitching, close missing faces, etc. can be carried out on the shell structure to get a solid model. These names vary with respect to the CAD tool. The help portal of the particular tool which you use should give more information regarding these clean up operations.