Termite Inspired Ventilation

hello the project is mainly based on the ventilation simulation of a building , inorder to reduce the inner temperature
here im unable to process the model inorder to create the mesh and also im getting an error that says face inconsistency

Hi there,
Thank you posting on the forum
Can you please share your project link?

Im only able to share the link on mail


Can someone help me out with the error . Its popping up when i share in any model though for the cfd simulations and can you also check whether the velocity and pressure positions are correct

Is the project private? In that case, can you please enable share with support option?

Actually Wasn’t able to reply in that mail itself . i have enabled the share with support option please do review it and help me at the earliest possible .
looking forward for an earlier response

Hi there,
As I can see with the CAD, there seems to be gaps, interferences and face-to-face inconsistencies present.

I would recommend you to first conduct a thorough CAD cleanup and then go through the simulation setup.

Hi ,
Can u help me rectify those errors

also can u help me on how to assign velocity and pressure inlets and their outlets respectively , looking forward for your earlier response since its quite urgent

and also im having the error below