Temperature Spike Effect Simulation

Hey all, I am setting up a weld simulation, to be more specific a brazing scenario. I have a foil between two housings and I am attempting to simulate a temperature spike in the foil which will heat up instantaneously and almost cool down instantaneously. I want to see how this affects the outer materials overtime.

Can someone assist in how I can best setup this scenario? NOTE: I do not have heat flux, I only have given temperatures.

Thank you

Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

From your description I would say that you need to perform a thermomechanical simulation, with transient behavior.

Do you have a 3D CAD model already, maybe inside a SimScale project? If so, can you please share it and also more details on the materials, times and temperature levels?

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Hey thanks for the response. I attached a link to what I’m working on, let me know if it works. But to clarify I’m looking to observe the temperature distribution in the early sections of the housings when the foil spikes to 1400C.


Thanks for the link, I can see the situation more clearly now.

Do you need to predict the deformations and stresses on the parts? Or just the temperatures?

Just the temperature distribution over time.

Then you should use a Heat Transfer simulation, with transient solution, as you have this already selected.

Also, you should make the boundary conditions as a function of time, maybe with a table input.

Under simulation control, also specify the simulated (end) time and a proper time step.