Temperature Field Keeps Diverging


I am doing a server room study to see how a supply plenum affects the cooling for a server room.

I keep getting a temperature divergence problem, I am not sure why this keeps happening.

Could someone please help. :slight_smile:

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Hi STawcasious12,

please ensure that your simulation only contains of solid geometry,


Also the assignment of this porous media is quite odd, it should only be assigned to a volume not a sheet.

Can you please provide an image with the description of each volume / region and the expected flow field, so that I can check the setup.

Thanks and bet regards

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply.

The physics of the problem is, first air is entering the plenum through the bottom of the CRAC units, then I created a pressure in at the bottom of the supply grille. I also created a porous media as the floor (this is to mimic the effects of air leakage from the floor which will have an effect of the volume flow rate coming into the supply grille.

The pressure of the supply grille is pressure in, which I did because once the cool air comes in it enters the cold isle and is ejected from the back of the servers and recirculated to the CRAC units.

I had an issue in the past where if I didn’t keep the geometry as a sheet it ended up outside the flow region so the simulation wouldn’t run successfully. I believe it doesn’t make a difference but I will try keep both the floor and supply grille as a solid body and try again.

do you think the physics of the problem has been set up correctly? :upside_down_face:

Here’s the breakdown:

the problem is if I keep the top of the supply plenum a solid, I cant select the section of the CRAC unit which is inside the plenum.

instead this is what happens:

can you see the flow wont only be in the plenum, it needs to extruded all the way through otherwise the seed face won’t be touching the boundary face so I can’t get around it but cutting the shape at the top of the supply plenum.

someone please help!