Temperature diverging

Need help.
My project have an error after I try to run the simulation.
First time running, it got stuck on 30% and then I try again but this time on 0%.

You can find my project “https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=5804101825721279388&mi=run%3A16%2Csimulation%3A12&mt=SIMULATION_RUN
I have point with probe point, and the error is not on boundary.

Hi, this is Fillia, thank you for using the forum!

Could you provide some information about this simulation? What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Is this an open-air environment enclosing the solid bodies? Or is this considered to be a closed box that contains the air?

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hay there …
my plan is to make it on the box with air inside (for next step). On this simulation its only an open-air environment enclosing the solid body with some water cooling flow on copper pipe.
I have put pressure in/out for a water cooling system, but when I try to make a “Wall” the simulation got error on boundary. Bcoz of it I don’t make a “Wall”, only pressure in/out.