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Taking screenshots in SimScale's online post-processor

When you are using SimScale’s online post-processor, you have the possibility to take a screenshots of your results which will be saved in your project.

To take a screenshot in the post-processor, go to Viewport tools and then Generate Screenshot from viewer

The screenshot will be saved in the project tree

online postprocessor screenshot

You will also notice that you 1st screenshot becomes the thumbnail of your project in your Dashboard and in Public Projects if you are a Community User


Any idea why the screenshot function doesn’t always work? After I took one, I had to go to Screenshots, look at it, then go take another. I could not just take a screenshot, move the view, then take another.

Hi @jbirt,

Thanks for commenting. I’ll report this issue to the team as you should be able to take consecutive screenshots in the post-processor.

@bdaqui, any idea why this could be happening?

Hi @jbirt ,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I don’t recall having seen this problem before. Does this happen for you consistently, or randomly? Could you please tell us what browser and version you are using?

I am using Google Chrome 53.0.2785.116 m

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